The New York Primary

April 19, 2016 If New Yorkers didn’t declare that they were Democrats or Republicans by October 9, they were not allowed to vote in yesterday’s primary. 27% of all eligible voters in the state were not allowed to cast their ballots because they are Independents. This process is so rigged, and the people of the …

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From Tel Aviv to Ramallah With Love

April 10, 2016 Anyone who isn’t confused or conflicted on the topic of Israel probably isn’t looking into it too deeply. There are two distinctly, almost surreally different narratives in Israel and Palestine… and to a great extent, both are right and both are wrong. Both peoples have suffered greatly and both have legitimate grievances …

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FROM THE LA TIMES: How Marianne Williamson Advocates For Mindful Activism

January 30, 2016 In this election season, a yoga studio is encouraging patrons to get off the mat and into citizen activism. On Saturday, Wanderlust Hollywood is hosting “Mindful America: Creating a Mindful Policy For a Healthy, Prosperous America.” The six experts on the panel will pose answers to a provocative question: How can the …

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Citizens Uniting to Get Money Out of Politics. February 5-7 | Manchester, NH Dear Friends, During the past few decades, huge portions of the financial resources in the United States have been siphoned off into the hands of a very few. This imbalance amounts to a direct threat to our democracy, for in the words …

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