On TEARS TO TRIUMPH. New Book Launch.
Live at the Saban Theatre in Los Angeles. June 2016


The Parliament of World’s Religions.
On Women and Religion. October 2015


SuperSoul Sunday.
On Forgiveness. July 2012


God Shall Not Be Mocked
Including the Prayer of Apology to African Americans: July 2016


Transforming Grief and Depression through Spiritual Healing
With Marie Forleo: June 2016


University of Southern California Baccalaureate Speech
May 2016


Harvard Divinity School.
On Consciousness, Spirituality, and Politics in America. October 2015


On Finding Peace with Lewis Howes
June 2016


Modernity and Spirituality
April 2016


Spirituality and Politics
Marianne on London Real. London, England. December 2015


On Neediness and Healing.
November 2012


At Washington Cathedral.
May 2014


On the Occupy Movement.
November 2011