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The story doesn’t begin with grown women being mistreated in the workplace or in the press. It begins with innocent little girls who become convinced, for whatever reason, that the girl within them isn’t good enough.

-from A Woman’s Worth

A Woman’s Weekend Seminar is a very personal look at your own life: your past, your interior world, your relationships to people, work and power, and most importantly of all, your relationship to God. In that primary relationship – our holy connection to the spiritual ground of our being – we find healing, repair, and the ability to rise up and do for others what love has done for us.

Women today are living at the effect of a chronic trauma that infuses our modern world. Much of that trauma is centuries old, while much of it is a reflection of very contemporary issues. Some of it emanates from realities in the outer world, while some of it emanates from within. This roiling anxiety — obvious in our high rates of drug addiction, high blood pressure, depression, chronic illness and inability to sustain meaningful relationships — now underlies our entire civilization. It is the source of the deep unhappiness so many experiences in our daily lives. We must address this and transform it so that all of us can take our part in a great and glorious revolution of consciousness that awaits us on the journey ahead.



  • Living More Powerfully
  • The Spirit of Resurrection
  • Renewing and Forgiving
  • Rising into Our Truth
  • Building the World, We Choose


  • The course consists of seven instructional videos from the live recorded weekend, where Marianne guides participants into deeper knowing of power. 
  • Recordings of the three-day weekend include Marianne expounding on the ideas in the course, answering questions, and doing live coaching with original course participants.
  • Audio downloads of the course videos are also included.


Katherine Andrews
Words cannot describe it…but Amazing, Phenomenal and Extraordinary come close.

Chastady Manzanarez
Thank you for your words and wisdom. Today was life changing. I am letting go of my story. Today begins the beginning of a new one.

Amanda Oden
What a life changing, powerful event. Marianne, you are a blessing. Thank you!

Vicki Hill Drobnis
It was fantastic! So many insights! Thank you to you and your team for an incredible event!

Valerie Heath
Best weekend event I have been to in a long time …thank you for all you do for all the women on the planet….xxoo…

All the signs! this weekend was like taking a time machine way back to the ancient priestess temple days.. my life is forever transformed and my soul is on fire and ready to do major work!!!!

Nena Barberis-Messina
This was a fabulous experience! Thank you so much for the energy and profound messages you bring to women and girls. I’m very grateful.

Brenda Arnold
I experienced so many ‘Ah Ha’ moments. I can’t put words on it.

Join Marianne for a three-day seminar focused on
healing, renewal, and spiritual awakening.

Allow this course to remind you of the sacred place that knows the divine connection to the world.

  • 7 Video Teachings


    Stream on your favorite device — desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.
  • 7 Audio MP3 Downloads


    Download the audio for each module to enhance integration of the material.

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