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Mornings with Marianne

This year, I started the workbook again on Lesson 1 on January 1– and I thought you might want to do it with me! Every morning, we deliver to you a video of my reading the lesson for the day, and giving you my reflections of what it means as applied to our everyday lives. Those few minutes every morning will affect your life throughout the day… Learn more about Mornings with Marianne here

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Join me in March for my Reality and Relationships seminar

Relationships were certainly tested this year. Covid-19 has proven that we’re hardwired for community and that prolonged isolation is painful. Yet the truth is, we were social distancing before social distancing was even a thing.

Make next year be the year in which walls in front of your heart come tumbling down.

Join me in March 2021 for the REALITY AND RELATIONSHIPS seminar, where we’ll develop new abilities and techniques for reaching across the walls that divide us. Learn spiritual truths that make manifesting love no longer your struggle, but your talent.

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People are ready to go deeper, be more truthful, and face challenges that confront us in far more meaningful ways. We need to talk about causes and not just symptoms, face some inconvenient truths, and have more than prepackaged conversations among us.

One question weaves throughout my conversations with guests: how did we get to where we are, and how can we change things now?Listen in as I talk to some of the wisest people I know.

I’ll also answer questions from listeners. Send your questions to Marianne@kastmedia.com

My Endorsements for 2021

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A Politics of Love

Marianne is now an Opinion Columnist for Newsweek. Her articles may be found here.

America’s Repair
1/11/21 AT 5:04 PM EST

The wisdom we most need at this point will come not from looking at any portion of a corrupted political system to save us. It will come first from looking at ourselves.


Jupiter, Saturn and the Benjamin Franklin Conjunction
12/24/20 AT 8:00 AM EST

Now is not the time to lock any doors to either perception or understanding; we should certainly not be discounting ancient sources of knowledge out of hand.


America’s Crisis of Adulthood
12/21/20 AT 7:00 AM EST

Are we ready to exchange our prolonged adolescence for the mantle of a mature adult generation, released at last from our obsessive attachments to things that don’t ultimately matter?


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