Time to Choose Another Way

April 14, 2020

Since you’re at home anyway and might not have a lot to do, try this little mind exercise: spend five minutes imagining what our world would be like if Congress, the Senate and White House was made up mainly of authors, artists, teachers, healers, scientists, yogis and philosophers.

Would things be any worse, and might they possibly even be better? How are we doin’ with the way we’re running things now? Is it possible for us to break the spell, to awaken from the delusional prejudice that a certain kind of business mentality is a better kind of leader?

The pandemic is not a surprise to scientists, for instance, who have been warning us about this kind of thing for decades. Their words have gone largely unheeded by large portions of our political leadership. And why? Because they do not represent financial leverage – what they have to say does not increase short term corporate profits – and it is money, not wisdom, that runs Washington. (Until we get the money out of politics, such insanity will prevail). And it is not a surprise to philosophers either, who know that humanity’s recklessness and irresponsibility have paved the wicked path to this. It is a mindset that is killing us, a dense material fear-based worldview that has nothing to do with paving a sustainable, much less thriving path for humanity in the 21st-century. The origin of this virus, whatever it was, was an expression of irreverence toward people, animals or planet.

It is time for us to choose another way. There is a veil in front of all our eyes, on the other side of which is a newborn world – one made fresh and sparkling (we’ve actually seeing images of it already) as we stop our acquiescence to the violence now perpetuated so casually upon it.

It is time to ask ourselves, “Is that what we want?” If it is, some things are going to have to change. We must make other choices. We must choose life, and peace, and love.

Yet there will be a lot of resistance to those choices, of that there is no reasonable doubt. Thus back to that imaginary government. For a different world, we’ll need a different kind of government. One of the people. By the people. For the people.

What a thought…

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