The Shadow Effect

shadoweffectHuman consciousness is like a pilot light that never goes off. The problem is it is used to create either a life-producing heat or a life-destroying conflagration. Where there is no love, there is fear. And fear, once it has gripped the mind, is like a vice that threatens to crush the soul.

So that’s what it is, this thing we call the shadow. It does not appear, in most of our lives, as a gigantic fire, but simply as a slow burn. It is you when you make the stupid remark, hurting someone you love and possibly ruining a relationship. Or you when you do the stupid thing that sabotages your career. Or you when you pick up the drink, although you know you’re an alcoholic and that if you continue doing this it will kill you. In other words, it is the you within you that does not wish you well. It is your shadow, and it can only be eliminated by shining forth your light.

Excerpted from THE SHADOW EFFECT



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