Join internationally acclaimed New York Times bestselling author and lecturer Marianne Williamson for her Online Course titled THE LAW OF DIVINE COMPENSATION: On Work Money, and Miracles.

During Marianne’s Five-Part Course, she presents a spiritual path melding your soul’s path and career path in a meaningful way. For 90 minutes in each session, Marianne will guide you through a systematic approach to transforming your relationship to work, money and miracles.

This Newly Released Digital Version is a recorded course that you can do at your own pace and start right away.


This five-week Course will take the words on the page of THE LAW OF DIVINE COMPENSATION and turn them into practical tools for the transformation of your work life and the deepening of its significance for you and those around you. Marianne will lead you to re-envision your work in the world as a conduit for the good, the holy and the beautiful. Extraordinary breakthroughs will occur as you change your mind about who you really are and what you’re real doing. Don’t just work… work miracles!




In this class, we will discuss the basic principles of a miracle-mindset and the laws of the miraculous. We will learn how to align ourselves with the principles of a self-organizing and self-correcting universe, becoming more and more empowered in our lives as we learn to live in alignment with divine intelligence. No matter what diminishment exists on the mortal plane, there exists within the realm of spirit an infinite capacity to compensate for material lack. I will walk you step-by-step through the basics of miraculous thinking, that you might attract more harmonious circumstances and all the miracles you need.

How does the world’s most common way of looking at employment actually keep at bay our highest good?

How do we look at work through the lens of the miraculous, freeing the infinite potential that resides in all of us to burst forth in ever more creative ways?

And how does this newfound way of looking at our work lives make us higher contributors to a greater good?


Normally, one thinks of “love” and “career” as two distinctly separate categories. But love is the greatest fuel for career success, for when we ourselves are fueled by an otherworldly source then so is our career. We often block miracles in our career by blocking the thoughts of love that create them. You might find miracle-blockers hiding in unexpected places, as I help you change your thinking about the spiritual purpose of work and career. You might not think that transforming your personal negativity is necessarily career-boosting, but indeed it is. For everything we do is infused with the consciousness with which we do it, and even our subconscious thoughts have influence on those around us.

In this class, I will take you through guided meditations that release very particular chains that bind us when we are stuck in anger, negativity and guilt. Behind every fear, there is a miracle waiting.


In a world that often describes a success mentality in terms of “taking a bull by the horns,” it’s hard to imagine spiritual surrender as a path to career success. In this class I will discuss how our not allowing the spirit to flow through us is what keeps us in limited career patterns, and how dedicating our work to higher purposes gives it the winning edge.

In an infinite, abundant universe, we needn’t fear that surrender leads to loss; it is in fact the key to gain. You will recognize the difference between a job as a calling, when instead of looking outside yourself for a “job,” you will seek to give birth in the world to a higher energy that lives within you. Your career will emerge from an organic energy that isn’t separate from who you are, but is rather an extension of who you are. Regardless of where you are now, your work can be your ministry….and a step on the way to ever greater fulfillment and joy.


Something is holy or unholy according to the purpose the mind ascribes to it. In the hands of fear, money can be harmful; in the lands of love, it can be healing and helpful. In this class, we will discuss money from the perspective of an infinitely abundant universe in which the only purpose for anything is love.

We will discuss in this class, among other things, how our prejudices and stereotypes about money are sometimes at odds with our own desires. In aligning our thoughts about money with the same spiritual truths that inform every other aspect of our lives, we are lifted to a realm of infinite abundance and ever increasing good.


We will conclude our course with the prayers and meditations that penetrate the veils of illusion that otherwise limit our possibilities for the future. Experience yourself as something so much more than you had thought you were, now ready to do so much more than you thought you could do, prospering both internally and externally as you make your rightful alignment with a loving universe.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to study with one of the most respected spiritual leaders of our time!

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