The Aphrodite Training





Dear Friends,

Trying to integrate the differing areas of life — spiritual, and physical, professional and romantic — is a modern woman’s hero’s journey. All are important to us, presenting specific challenges and demands.  Yet too often they can feel as though they’re competing with each other, leaving us bereft in one area even if we’re succeeding at another.

Our deepest longing is to bring them all together. THE APHRODITE TRAINING is designed to help you do that: to blend your worldly and romantic desires harmoniously and synergistically. Our goal is to find the place where our spiritual, worldly and romantic selves all live within us as a garden and not a competition.

Many contemporary women now embody the Greek goddess Athena, while craving a visit from the goddess Aphrodite. Embodying Athena, we attract worldly achievement; embodying Aphrodite, we attract love. We can embody as many goddesses we are willing to make room for in our psyches, and for those who seek a deeper romance, it serves to embody Aphrodite for she is the goddess of romantic love. “Aphrodite’s temple” is a real psychic vortex, as is any divine space, with steps to be climbed in order to enter. There are both external and internal stairs to climb before entering Aphrodite’s temple, and all of them can be learned.  At THE APHRODITE TRAINING, we will approach her with reverence and love.

It is time for a more enlighten, holistic feminism. In A Course in Miracles, it is written that it’s not our job to seek for love, but only to seek within ourselves all the barriers we hold against its coming. At THE APHRODITE TRAINING, we will seek and we will find. I hope you will join me for a weekend of honoring and cultivating the woman, the goddess, and the lover within you.

In love and sisterhood,


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