A guide to creating new beginnings. Release the fear; invoke the love.

The principles involved in letting go one phase of our lives and letting in a new one applies to any life transition, decluttering of old energies, or period of change.

To change our lives, we change our perceptions moving from fear to love. You are reborn any time you do not bring the past with you.

Whether you’re a student of A Course in Miracles or someone who hasn’t really delved in yet: if you want guidance on how to live the principles for renewing your life, this course is for you.



  • Who We Are and Who We are Capable of Being
  • Living with Miracles
  • Love and the Holy Spirit
  • Real Forgiveness
  • Invoking Change


  • The body of the course consists of six instructional videos from Marianne, where she guides for change.
  • Recordings of live coaching with original course participants and questions are included.
  • Audio downloads of the course videos are also included.

Join Marianne as she guides us through letting go of the old for the new, discovering miracles, and living renewed into our better selves.

  • 6 Video Teachings

    Stream on your favorite device — desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.
  • 6 Audio MP3 Downloads

    Download the audio for each module to enhance integration of the material.

$249 Instant Access