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Our Candidate Spotlight this week is on Betsy Sweet, running in the Democratic Senatorial primary in Maine on July 14th.     

I have known Betsy for years. As a single mother and life-long activist, she is tough as nails, creative, resourceful, and will always take an unwavering stand for what’s right for our kids, and for our planet. Her moral compass comes straight from the heart.     

She is a disruptor in the best sense of the word. Maine is ready to retire Senator Susan Collins, and Betsy has the understanding and ability to do that. She has a progressive agenda and will thwart and expose any attempt to sway legislation with corporatized bribery. She’ll bring about fundamental change in the US Senate.      

Betsy has a four decades-long track record. (Check out her impressive long list of accomplishments!) A vote for her is a vote to genuinely restore our democratic ideals, as opposed to propping a system that gradually undermines them.   

Remember that Congress is a co-equal branch of government, and our involvement in the Congressional elections in November is as important as our vote for president. No matter where you live, the vote of every Senator and Congressman has relevance to your life. Listen to Betsy here, and if you’re as moved as I am, please donate to the Betsy Sweet for U.S. Senate campaign so we can get her over the finish line!

We can DO this! 

x MW

P.S. If you haven’t already, watch my interview with Betsy from my Down-Ballot Progressive Summit.

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