We went to war when and where we should not have gone to war. We sent military equipment to a part of the world where we should never have sent it (although, with a military industrial complex getting over 600 billion of our tax payer dollars every year, they had to send it somewhere…and then of course to our domestic police forces after the older equipment from Iraq and Afghanistan was replaced by newer models).

Now, in an ironic, tragic twist of karma, much of that equipment is in the hands of a true military enemy — not a trumped up one. ISIL is the richest, most well equipped terrorist force in the world — and they are genuinely brutal. They are anywhere between 5,000 and 15,000 people. With hundreds of millions of dollars in their hands (they have taken over banks, oil refineries and more), they have a capacity to do a lot…and a lot of what they want to do — and are doing — is truly, deeply, inhumanely dark. Right now, at this hour, they are spreading terror to hundreds and thousands of people through public executions, ritualistic stoning, beheadings, even crucifixions.They have their sights not just on Syria or Iraq, but beyond..to Europe, and even the United States.

None of us can afford to pretend this isn’t happening. There is and will continue to be plenty of conversation about what to do about ISIL militarily, but right now let’s do what we can holistically. Every day, for at least five to ten minutes, let’s use the power of prayer and visualization to lift them above the pathology that drives them. We need to do this on a massive scale. Use the power of your mind, your religion, your spirituality, your meditations and your prayers to spiritually quarantine and heal these people, to call their souls back to sanity and love.

How ironic that we are war weary from fighting in so much war we should not have been fighting. Now, we have a real problem on our hands. Now, we need a miracle.

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