When I was a little girl, my father used to point out that the entire concept of national boundaries was made by man and not by God. He would have us look at an atlas, or a globe, in which the boundary lines weren’t present and see what the world actually looks like geographically. God didn’t draw a line between France and Spain, or the United States and Mexico. The whole idea of national boundaries is simply a man-made material category.

National sovereignty has its place in our material functioning: but it should be used to organize us, not to divide us. The modern concept of nation-state has done as much to create violence as to create peace in the world. In the Middle East, for example, for centuries tribes wandered around and among each other representing different religions and ethnicities and things were in many ways much better than they are now.

Most Americans can’t relate to the idea of being a refugee with nowhere to go, though in many cases that was the plight of our own ancestors . In both the Old and New Testament, we are told to greet the stranger with respect and with an open heart. Now, however, we are allowing our hearts to close, our moral compass to be driven off course, and our minds to be propagandized with the notion that Muslims, for instance, are our enemy from whom we must be protected. No. It is simply untrue. Islam is one of the great religions of the world. It is an Abrahamic religion. It is not our enemy.

Are there radical, insane people using Islam as a cover for their death cult? Yes. But we simply play into their hands by taking the position currently promulgated by the Trump administration. Make no mistake about it: such policies will only make us less safe. And we must resist this.

Michael Weiss will be speaking brilliantly about this issue at SISTER GIANT. I hope you will be there to contribute your energy to the field of conscience now emerging. We must educate ourselves. And we must take a stand, for a politics of conscience and compassion and love. www.sistergiant.com

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