March 16, 2020

‪Doctors, nurses and scientists are Army ground troops. Government leaders and economists are the Navy. Spiritual practitioners and therapists are the Air Force.‬ It’s an integrative effort, and co-ordinating them all is the motivation behind them: to save lives, to continue the human race, to provide for a better future. Far too often we don’t think about those things in more than cursory ways, but boy we do now. All of a sudden we get that life is so precious. This is a horrible occurrence but it’s teaching us some valuable lessons. And with those lessons come our preparedness for miracles. With every loving thought we are co-creating a field of miracle- readiness. There’s a line in A Course in Miracles: “Miracles are everyone’s right but purification is necessary.” That is as true collectively as it is individually. It’s time to purify our civilization of the greed, the selfishness, the separation, the irresponsibility, the mean-spiritedness, the violence, the fear that is the spiritual pandemic of our age. Ridding the world of the disease within, it will be easier to heal the disease without.

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