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This seminar is not about attracting the right partner but about being the right partner. It’s building an inner temple for love. 

 Our romantic desires should not be separated from our spirituality. Such disconnections do not foster love but actually keep it at bay.

The Romantic Mysteries Seminar is a deep inquiry into mastering the art of love, both human and divine. It is not about external changes, but internal ones. It is about building an inner template for love, so that he or she who is the beloved can join you there and remain with you. 



  • Forgiving the Past
  • Creating A Sacred Place for Love.
  • Love’s Skill Set
  • Romantic Mysteries
  • Vulnerability and boundaries
  • Masculine and Feminine
  • Special Love to Holy Love


  • The body of the course consists of five instructional videos from Marianne, where she guides us through deep internal changes for building our temple of love.
  • Build an inner temple for love, so that whomever is the beloved can join you there and remain with you..
  • Three days of life-changing video teachings.

Join Marianne as she guides you through the miracle-minded principles that uplift our thinking about age, transforming the experience from one of fear and anxiety to enthusiasm and joy.

  • 4 Video Teachings

    Stream on your favorite device — desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.
  • 4 Audio MP3 Downloads

    Download the audio for each module to enhance integration of the material.
  • An Expansive Body of Class Notes

    Marianne has written detailed class notes specifically for this course.

$249 Instant Access