Dear Friends,
The spiritual journey is often a tough road, and some areas of life are more difficult than others. For some of us, the hard lessons are around forgiveness… for some of us, around love…for some of us, around work…for some of us, around health … and so forth. None of us escape the lessons that accompany our journey to enlightenment.
For me, my path as a woman trying to integrate the differing areas of life has been the hardest journey of all. As someone whose path was forged in many ways by the Women’s Movement of the 1970’s, I have felt to my core the empowerment of its message: that I could do anything that a man could do, and be anything that a man could be. That might seem self-evident now – but believe me, it wasn’t then! Like millions of other women, my life has been completely different than it would have been had that Movement never existed.
But like others also, I experienced a disconnection from my feminine self as I strove to actualize the masculine within me. Finding the complementary relationship between my inner and outer self has been a life-long effort. Many women have the psychic scars to show for the struggle, feeling that while we might have succeeded in some areas, we failed at others. I am living testimony to the fact that it can take many years to fit all the pieces together.
I know what it’s like to be so exhausted from work that you don’t have time or energy for a relationship. I know what it’s like to feel that the very things that make you successful at work can make you a failure with your own family. I know what it’s like to feel that there simply isn’t enough time in the day to do all of it well. And I know what it’s like to feel that while I could succeed at one thing, it seemed always to be at the expense of something else.  

For me, the Holy Grail has been uniting within myself the spiritual seeker, worldly achiever, and woman who wants to love and be loved. Is it possible to joyfully connect to God, and to work, and to romantic love? I believe it is, but not without working through some very tough internal barriers often cultivated by our worldly thinking.
Whether you see your spiritual journey as the core of your romantic search, or rather see it as completely at odds with it; whether you don’t know how to attract love, you can attract it but can’t sustain it, or have failed so many times you don’t even want to make the effort anymore; whether the love-work-spirituality nexus is happy for you or leaves you in emotional shambles – the path to self-actualization can be exhausting
I invite you to join with me for THE APHRODITE TRAINING on October 23-25 in Los Angeles or via Livestream, as I share any wisdom I’ve gained as I’ve walked the path of womanhood through the vicissitudes of life and love. Together, let’s climb the sacred mountain to where you know that you can have it all because you are willing to be it all.
Please join me for a FREE LIVE INTRODUCTORY CALL on Tuesday, September 8, to hear more about THE APHRODITE TRAINING [SIGN UP HERE]. With two weeks left before the Early Bird pricing ends, I want you to have a very clear sense of what the week-end will offer and how it might serve you on your path.
Let’s forge a new wave of holistic feminism in which all of who we are, not just some of who we are, is permitted to rise and shine its light on the world. I look forward to working with you in cultivating your most glorious self.
With love for all of us,
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