Resisting Hopelessness

September 10, 2017

It would be easy to slip into hopelessness now, to resign ourselves to the idea that the concentrated assaults on everything from the planet to our democracy have succeeded to such a degree that it’s no longer possible to stop them.

Yet it is exactly that hopelessness we must resist now, even more than we must resist the forces that seem so intent on bringing us down. Our hopelessness is only called for if in fact miracles are not possible, and because they are, there is no cause for hopelessness.

Hope springs eternal because life springs eternal, and life abounds with possibility. We have within us the capacity to change things, but only if we are willing to change ourselves. We have written the human story that now unfolds in front of us, and the only way we can change the story is if we are willing to rewrite it.

We wrote the story of a country that had everything, was given everything, was blessed beyond comprehension and yet chose to sell our souls to the highest dollar. We wrote the story of a country that put economics before love, sales before ethics, and our government on the bidding block. We wrote the story of a country that has treated the earth with lack of reverence, democracy as though we could take it for granted, and justice as though it only mattered if the issue was applying it to ourselves.

We wrote that story, and now we can write another one. But we can only do that if we are willing to recognize that all of us, to some degree, have been co-creators of the one we have now, atone for our heartlessness to each other and our arrogance before our Creator, and get to work on cleaning up this mess and re-creating the world.

Hope is a moral imperative, and cynicism is just an excuse for not helping. We have no choice but to recreate our civilization.

I know many of us feel the urgency of this moment, the radicalism at the heart of what we’re being called to do. For it is not incremental, it is a-historic; jumping out of the timeline of what is to be expected, off the scale in the amount of light it calls forth as much as political and weather storms are off the scale in terms of darkness.

This new world cannot be forced, any more than it can be rationally calculated; it can only be invoked into expression by the deepest kind of reverance. Invocation is the priest and priestess’ task, and that is what all of us are being called to be right now.

When I was a little girl, I used to ask God what I was supposed to be when I grew up. I would always see the word “priest,” but I thought it was weird…obviously impossible, because Jews don’t have priests. Then I grew up to realize that indeed they did in the Old Testament, and even more importantly, that the priest is anyone who invokes into expression the unlimited possibilities that emerge from the field of ultimate Reality. All of us are recruits for the new priesthood, no matter what we do, needed to invoke into expression the unlimited possibilities inherent in the Mind of God. Yet they remain un-manifest until we have the courage to invoke them.

Like ancient priestesses at Delphi, let us summon all our powers of multi-dimensional knowing, emerge from the narrow and shallow casing of a mechanistic worldview, throw off the chains of a rationalistic approach to life, and remember we are co-creators of our future. We are not victims here; we’re merely reaping what we’ve sowed. And we can sow anew. We are here to create the good, the true, and the beautiful, and anything less than that is short of our purpose and our mission in this life.

Each of us is endowed with an internal guidance system, and if we ask within what we’re to do, we will be guided. We will be told what to do and we will be told how to do it. We will be led to each other and we will collaborate in miraculous ways. We will dwell within the golden Light of a higher kind of knowing. We will know, and we will do.

  • Joanne Morrison

    I AM a part of Gods Plan for Salvation for our world.. America is Gods Strongest HOPE for Leadership into our Brighter and so much happier future for Ourselves yes, but especially especially for our children and Grandchildren This is Thy Ways of Our Great Spirit Americas Spiritual Founding Father ! And so it is! America shall become a nation of Democracy in equality for all of Gods people.I am commited to my countrys future The Rebirth of Our Democracy is upon us! And we shall prevail TOGETHER as ONE! Power to Our People ..I am so very grateful for these Second Chances! Our kuds and grandkuds foljs. Lets do this please .thank you This message is sent in live with love for a Democracy I have never known yet .Amen

  • Christer S.

    Briliiantly written and hopeful. Thank you!

  • Donna Reece

    I unserstand and respect that this is your blog and the platform for your words.

    Lately, when I read your posts I “hear” your deep emotional response to current life situations and am hoping you aren’t losing sight of your “North Star”. Marianne, would you like someone to pray for you?

    I am reminded of one quote from
    “The Course in Miracles”…”darkness exists but do not dwell there”.

    Perhaps we are all dwelling too much on the “darkness” happening rather than being the spiritual conduit for Spirit to bring hope and change. Knowing Spirit will prepare us to help with the change…if we are willing.

  • beautifully said Marianne… May you be blessed with a great inflowing of God’s love!

  • Shakta Khalsa

    Thank you. This matches where I am at right now as a spiritual being and as a human being. “GOD” to me is Generating, Organizing, Destroying power. There’s a lot of the Destroying power happening right now, and it makes sense because there’s a clearing out that is needed in our country and world. It feels good to hear you recognize the hopelessness that goes along with this time period–many would want to deny it in their “spirituality”. As well, I am in appreciation of the understanding that “we can sow anew.”

  • Steven McGihon

    My lifepath was to be a Philalphian Priest. By age 6 I was being sxxxxxxxed, which kinda threw me off track. Fast forward to young adulthood to a life path which took me through Whittier and Philadelphia, unawares of their significance to me. Fast forward to 5 years ago, as I became aware of my Mother’s culture, being the last baby born on the Whittier commune in 1930. By 1932, Richard Nixon entered Whittier to begin his hateful campaign of persecution against these Hebraic, Communistic followers of Christ. My fxxxxx was actually a friend of Tricky, and I see him as an American Evangelical Covert Operator. Did you know the Community now known as Azusa Pacific broke off from the Community of Whittier, calling for the destruction of the Whittier Community as Apostate, in 1905? By 1932, the commune had disbanded. One of the most influencial supporters of this effort to suppress this community was Billy Graham. Fast Forward to today. As I attempt to express my spiritual heritage currently, I am constantly harrassed and heiniously attacked by the followers of Franklin Graham. I see The Course in Miracles as an Ecumenical presentation of the Holy Spirit of Christ, including additional teachings from the Friends of Christ, consistent with all things Philadelphian. Shall I continue? I could present for days, but who would listen to my trauma/drama. Hence, my hopelessness. Call me Quaker if you must, but I prefer Philadelphian. Read the book, “Imaginary Friends”. It said I didn’t exist before I even knew who I was. I am spiritually isolated. Thank you for the hopelessness blog. I’ll stop now. I hope some of this made sense. It is not the type of thing I like to discuss in open forum, because when I do, I pay for my insolence. I would prefer to be identified as just “Steven”. The last name makes me an easy target.

  • Steven McGihon

    Hi, I came to this blog, and took the courage to publically say why I felt so hopeless, and I guess you took it down. Where do I go now? You blew up my balloon, and then burst my bubble. How about a referral to someone who might care? I am at a loss.

  • Steven McGihon

    You know the prayer of St. Francis. I understand, yet find being mis-understood to be an extremely painful experience. As a constant consoler, I would really like to experience what it is like to be consoled, spiritually, by one who understands. This is where I come “to bleed”. Forgive my self focus. We will change the world. I’ve been singing that for a very long time.

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