A Woman’s Worth


A woman in love is drunk with something. There’s a chemical syrup that permeates her cells, a place in her being where hormones meet God. It’s hell or heaven, or both. If we could harness its power we could heal the world. And that’s the point. A woman in love can do anything. She can run a business, bear children, create art, make love, cook meals, lead a nation, and figure out how to look great. But if she is not in love, she lacks energy; and if she is in love but spurned, she can lack the will to live. Women need to be in love: with themselves, with a man, with a child, with a project, with a job, with their country, with the planet, and – most important – with life itself. Women in love are closer to enlightenment. For angels and lovers, everything sparkles.

Excerpted from A WOMAN’S WORTH



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