A Politics of Love: A Handbook for a New American Revolution

“Humanity would really blossom if every person in America read this remarkable book…” ~Matthew Albracht

“We have come full circle. Do we choose love or do we choose fear? She spells it all out in the concise, powerfully-charged phrasing that is her trademark.” ~ Anna Jedrziewski

“The messages in the book are easily understood and eloquently communicated. It touches the heart of the reader and inspires an active commitment to peace in all areas of our lives.” ~ Annemarie M. Osborne

“I started reading yesterday, I had a hard time putting it down. The first chapter really is some of her best writing, on to three more and wow, everyone should read this book.” ~ T Cleveland

“For a country as for an individual, the issue is not just what we’re going through, but also who we choose to be as we go through it. The same psychological, emotional, and spiritual dynamics that prevail in the life of one person prevail in the life of a group, because a nation is simply a collection of people. That’s why those who understand what makes one life change are those who have a clue about how to change the world. Psychologists and philosophers know more about what’s going on in America today than do traditional political strategists. And more important, in many cases they know more about what to do about it.

What is going on in our country is not just a political crisis, but a moral and a spiritual crisis as well. Our political challenges are mere symptoms of a deeper malaise and a deeper dysfunction. Humanity itself is being challenged to move on to the next stage of our evolution. If we try to solve our political problems only through traditional political means, the symptoms will merely morph into different forms. The only way we can deeply address our problems is if we are willing to address them on the level of cause.”

On A POLITICS OF LOVE: A Handbook for A New American Revolution
Live in New York. April 2019


“In this time of fear and divisiveness, Williamson urges spiritually aware Americans to return to—and act out of—our deepest value: love.” (Publishers Weekly)




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