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VALENTINES DAY SPECIAL: Invoking the Romantic Mysteries

On Relationships and Spirituality

Love is not just a passive something that the conscious person “hopes to find” someday. It is an emotional skill set, a consistent way of being, as opposed to an occasional stroke of good luck. Whether you are part of a couple, or longing to be, this course will deepen your understanding, open your heart, and expand your capacity to love. $49 through February 15. Lifetime access.

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VALENTINES DAY SPECIAL: Miraculous Relationships

Five-Part Online Course on Relationships

This online course delves into the core principles of A Course in Miracles, and how to use them to transform our relationships from fear to love. According to A Course in Miracles, every situation is a relationship. This course is a guide to turning every relationship into a holy encounter, fulfilling its divine and glorious mission in our lives. $49 through February 15.
(Regularly $249). Lifetime access.

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