Spotlight on Keeda Haynes

Our Candidate Spotlight this week is on Keeda Haynes, running in the Democratic Congressional Primary in Tennesee on August 6th. 

Keeda Haynes is a native of Franklin, Tennessee, and became a fierce advocate for criminal justice reform after becoming a victim of the corrupt system that sent her to federal prison for alleged involvement in a drug distribution ring. In 2012, she graduated with her Juris Doctorate from the Nashville School of Law. As a former public defender on the front lines, she wants to end the disparate treatment of defendants based on race, economic status, or mandatory minimum sentencing.

Keeda is currently a Legal Advisor at Free Hearts, a Non-Profit Organization serving formerly incarcerated women. We need her voice in Congress representing Tennessee’s 5th Congressional District to ensure no one else becomes a casualty of the War on Drugs in an inequitable criminal justice system. 

A vote for Keeda Haynes is a vote for justice for all Americans. It’s vital that we elect candidates like Keeda to Congress – candidates with a progressive voice who will bring about systemic change. Please donate to the Keeda Haynes Congress campaign, and let’s make sure she clinches the Primary win on August 6th! 

x MW

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