Spotlight: Mike Siegel

Our candidate spotlight this week is on Mike Siegel, running for the Democratic nomination in Texas-10.

As a native Houstonian born and raised, I have a lot of feelings about Texas. It was there that I gained strength and values that have sustained me throughout my life. When I see Texas standing strong, I have a smile inside that’s a mixture of pleasure and pride.      

But politically, I’ve watched Texas change a lot from when I was a child. A state I always associated with a huge heart became something very different over the last few decades, as forces gained ascendance that represented the opposite of the values upon which I’d been raised.     

Today, the people of Texas are reclaiming their political heart. And I’m delighted. The political fight is on, and as you can imagine, I’m cheering for the candidates who represent the Texas that I love.     

Mike Siegel is one of those candidates. I want you to know about him because I think you’ll feel as I do – that he’s exactly the kind of person we need in the US House of Representatives at this time. He represents the consciousness that America needs now, as he powerfully stands up to bigotry, racism, and the forces of greed that would undermine our democracy. He is powerful and he is heartfelt. He is exactly what we need now.       

In a race like Mike’s, the choice is between a worldview that needs to fall away now, and the evolutionary possibilities of an enlightened new America. As a civil rights lawyer, a former public school teacher as well as a father of bi-racial children, he will bring to Congress exactly the kind of experience we most need represented there right now.     

His run-off is a week away, and he needs our help to make that last minute push that will enable him to win his run-off election to become the Democratic nominee in Texas-10.  Having interviewed Mike and spoken with him extensively, I’m proud to ask you for help on his behalf. Every dollar will be used to benefit an important mission for our generation: to bring the US government into alignment with our highest ideals, at a time when we need it so badly.        

Check out to learn more about Mike, and to donate to his campaign.       

This one is so important. Please help in any way you can.

All my best,


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