Spirituality and Depression: Free Webinar

Free Two-Part Webinar

Dear Friends,

I am teaching a free, two-part webinar on SPIRITUALITY AND DEPRESSION. The replay of part one is now available. Part two will take place on Wednesday, June 27 at 6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern.

Depression is ultimately a spiritual disease and in the words of Carl Jung, “Only spirit can cure spirit.” In “Tears To Triumph,” I wrote about suffering as illuminated by the stories of Buddha, Moses and Jesus. All three of the religions they represent give profound insights into the source and healing of human suffering.

Many of us are in deep inquiry around the subject of suicide, and some struggle with depression themselves. I hope you will join me if the topic of spirituality and depression is one that calls to you. There is much to share.

Please register below to access the webinar free of charge. Replays will be available if you are not able to attend the webinar live.

All my best,

PS: If you would like to submit any questions for webinar, please mail them to questions@marianne.com


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