Preparing for 2018

October 18, 2017

I’ve been thinking about the year head. We have 2 1/2 months before it’s upon us, but there are a lot of things we can be sure of already.

There is no way 2018 won’t be a dramatic one. After all the stress of 2017, it would be nice to think we could have a rest. But there is no way next year is going to be restful. Politically, socially and environmentally, too much is already set up, too many questions will finally be answered, too many stress points will beg to be handled one way or the other.

But life is never just about what happens to us; it’s about who we choose to be in going through the experience. It serves us to start thinking now about who we are going to be in 2018.

Today’s Zeitgeist does not center around the drama of any of us so much as all of us. It’s not just our personal but our collective story that is playing out now, and our greatest power lies in imagining ourselves stepping up to the plate and playing our part in a great and glorious planetary renewal that is begging to occur.

It will either be that, or God help us…

If you think 2017 was hard, 2018 is going to be a doozy. A nation of wounded birds will not be able to handle this; a gargantuan swath of people for whom words like courage, contribution and responsibility mean nothing will not be able to handle the stress. Everything that’s happened till now has simply been rehearsal for the time that is just ahead.

This will not be a time for sissies. It will not be a time for whiners. It will not be a time in which any of us will be able to indulge the weaker, softer underbellies of our personality. Our communities, our country, and our world will need us to be strong and amazing and devoted and creative in ways we have never been before. And we are more ready to do that than we know, not because of anything we ourselves can take personal credit for but because of Who is alive in all of us.

We might not feel ready, but God is always ready. Inwardly, it is time to move aside now and let Him drive. There is no way that you or I, with our puny little personalities, will be able to handle the drama in 2018. But God can and will, as long as we prepare ourselves and surrender ourselves that He might use us on His behalf. The mortal mind got us into this mess, but the mortal mind can’t get us out of it.

This line from A Course in Miracles comes to mind: “Do not be concerned about your own readiness. Just be consistently aware of mine.” You might want to hold onto that. We are coming upon a time that will once again be a time that tries men’s souls. But make no mistake about it, at the deepest level we can handle this. At the deepest level, we are ready for this. And with God’s help, we got this.

  • Tod Evans

    It is definitely a lively time to be alive! Thank you for the reminder to trust in the that Greater Intelligence that can realign our societal trajectory if we let It. I vacillate between knotted anxiety and expansive hope. This really could be the turning point for our species, the cracking open of the chrysalis. This is what I am opening to be a conduit for.

    Keep up the good work please.

  • ajaxthegreat

    Amen to that, Marianne! It’s LONG past time for We the People to get our act together and step up to the plate like never before. The forces of darkness have truly awakened the ultimate sleeping giant!

  • Shary Connella

    Amen Marianne! We have lots of work to do! Together we can accomplish miracles! Thanks for all you do and your constant love and light!

  • Tracy Visceglia

    Thank you, for being a beacon of light and strength. And for reminding us that we have deep reservoirs of our own light and strength within us.

  • Joanne Morrison

    Thank you Marianne, I am with our movement , and thank you for your willingness to lead, and I AM READY and DEDICATED…Were absolutely ARE going to get through 5this and come out of the storms.a more Spiritually 7Unitefd nation under God. With you leading us …it just doesnt get any more POSITIVE than this …it just simply doesnt..take this womans leadership as a Gift from God Almighty America..because it surely Divinely is …This feels important to my souls grow5th..💘

  • Miranda

    This sure it the “correcting time” and we are faced with our souls work.

  • tlctouch

    “The best and most beautiful things of this world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt from the heart.” -Helen Keller

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