Dear God,
May my life be of use to You this year.
May my talents and intelligence 

help heal the world.
May I remember how much I have

by remembering how much I have to give.
May I not be tempted by smaller things
but serve my larger mission of forgiveness and love.

Thus shall I be lifted, God,

and know joy this coming year and beyond.

Bless me and work through me 

to bless the entire world.


  • Greg DeGuglielmo

    Beautiful. My prayer for 2017. Thank you Marianne.

    Just finished reading “a return to love” …
    Thanks for helping a “Recovering Roman Catholic” return to Jesus/Love. I do not have any issues with Jesus and his teachings; It’s some of his followers I have trouble with …
    Along with my joy learning from Buddha (and Astrology natal charts),
    and certain other select souls who shine celestial light in the terrestrial darkness. If this marks me as a “cafeteria Catholic” so be it so long as I can help at least one soul feel better.

    Btw, my last name DeGuglielmo means “of Williamson” — or so my four late grandparents from Italy once told me.


    With Love & Respect,

  • Laura

    Thank You Maryanne. I am so happy I found you …or you found me…Your prayer is so worth passing on. I hope it will inspire many more into the good works that can be done this coming year.

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