Pray and Meditate For the World

June 4, 2017

The issue of terrorism is extremely complicated and demands a holistic, integrated response.

On an external level we must obviously protect ourselves and do everything possible to prevent more attacks from occurring in the future. As I wrote in my last post, I have great admiration for people all over the world who are working so hard to do this.

But all of us have a role here. Just as air forces support ground troops, our prayers and visualizations and meditations can play a powerful part in curing and protecting ourselves from the sickness in our midst.

Wherever you are, consider adding five minutes of silence, with your eyes closed, praying for visualizing or meditating every day for the safety of either the city you live in or whatever place you are inwardly guided to pray for. I would suggest a time to do this every day, but I think our chances of a full-scale spiritual wave of power is greater if we keep it to each person’s individual schedule. In the quantum realm time does not matter anyway.

What does matter is that we do this. Give at least five minutes every day to the effort, the potential power of which cannot be overestimated. And please include this idea in your conversations both in person and on social media. “Prayer is the medium of miracles,” according to A Course in Miracles. And miracles are what we need here.

Have a blessed and powerful day.

  • Martha Randy

    Thank you so much for reminding us that even though we feel so powerless in the face of this darkness, we can pray, and we can bless everyone involved, and this power is real. Not as some last resort, but as a powerful first resort.

  • Magdalena Romanillos

    Thank you for helping me not to feel overwhelmed with everything that is happening in the world. My lesson today is 186 ” De mi depende la salvación del mundo”. When I read this lesson a few years ago I felt like crying, how come I could save the world if I could not save myself?. Now I understand perfectly what my function in this World is, and I feel happy that this temporaly ” home” can be saved by Me (us). You can be sure Maryanne that I will use God’s Gifts given to His beloved only Son to save the world from any darkness and dangerous that seems to be sourrounding us. Thank you for being you!

  • Barbara Flores

    Yes, I will pray. My course reading today is about seeing “everyone as brothers.” That means even the terrorists, even the murderers of children, even Donald Trump.

  • Robert Buckler

    He is a married low life Robert Buckler is a married man got it people

  • KC Cassidy

    How do I get an Email to MWilliamson? Does ANYONE know?
    Please… I can’t take it anymore! I have to get a message to her!

  • Ida Bradley

    I Prayed for the victims that loss their lives in the storm. And the evacutees that’s in shelters, may God blessed them in getting their lives back to normal. Amen.

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