March 31, 2020

So much truth is being revealed now, not only politically and economically but personally too. Who among us isn’t finding ourselves thinking about things more deeply, writing or receiving emails or calls of greater authenticity and truth, ruminating or regretting or atoning, realizing, loving, crying, remembering, owning it, facing it…no matter how hard? Sometimes there’s so much noise in a room that we say, “I can’t hear myself think.” And we’ve lived in a world for a while where no one could hear themselves think. In the midst of this pandemic, there’s an oddly blessed quiet. In “A Course in Miracles” it says miracles happen “when total communication is given and received.” A lot of total communication is going on right now, between and among us yes, but also communication within our hearts and with our God. This is a period of mystical surgery, an opening up of the body of humanity, our individual and collective psyches, in ways we needed to experience. And that includes facing our fear of death. This is rocking us to the core but in ways that somehow we needed to be rocked. Hold on, my precious, fragile, vulnerable fellow human beings. The waters are very stormy but the ship will make it through.

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