March 28, 2020

At every moment, the universe is either manifesting or getting ready to. This is a huge, gargantuan darkness but it is preparing us for a huge, gargantuan light. It is forcing us to go deep, to cry our unshed tears, to look at things we had not looked at, to think about others in ways we had not thought about them before. To atone is to return to correct perception, and this is our time to atone as individuals and as a nation. As we do that the universe resets itself. Correcting on the level of cause, effects will automatically correct themselves. But this is not an easy process or a quick one. Are you depressed? Of course you’re depressed. This is as depressing a situation as can occur. But slavery was depressing, and war is depressing, all kinds of things are depressing and yet people got through them. Our ancestors survived such things and so will we. They survived and they triumphed, and so will we. Of course we cry. Of course we’re infuriated. But we’re crying and we’re infuriated together. We will not be the same people we were before this happened, and that’s not a totally bad thing. We are being honed by this, and humbled by this, brought to our knees by this, and transformed by this. But believe me when I tell you, because it’s the truth not only of every spiritual tradition and religious path but also within the experience of the world. No plague has lasted forever. No evil dictator or chapter of history has lasted forever. No matter how long this lasts, it will end. We will walk the streets again, and know joy again, and be at peace again. It will happen. There is no darkness that doesn’t give way to light. God’s Will has never not been done, and His will is that we be free.

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