March 27, 2020


It is completely unacceptable that any doctor at any hospital in the United States is lacking the medical equipment they need in order to handle this. The richest, most powerful nation in the world has a government that in the most infuriating, immoral way has let down its citizens. And it did not have to be this way. Through the Defense Production Act, private industry could have been directed weeks ago to manufacture all necessary medical equipment. Doctors, even governors were begging for it. And those responsible for the withhold of resources have betrayed this nation. This problem is not complicated; it’s horrifyingly simple. I understand Trump’s consciousness. We all do; it’s not news to anyone. But what about the people around him? There are some intelligent, ethical people there. Has no one been begging, demanding that he use his power over the last few weeks? Is their obsession with not disturbing private industry so great that they’re willing to let people die? My God, what has become of us…So much for “America first.”

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