March 25, 2020 – Part 1

Part 1: There is an art to being sad. To really allow ourselves to simply be sad – to not resist it, to not make it wrong, to not label it a problem, is an act of surrender. And surrender is expansive. It’s a letting go of judgments and grievances and explanations and justifications and excuses and any form of false positivism. It’s like allowing yourself to fall into a deep pool and knowing there is nothing to do but to be there. Knowing you will not drown, although the ego says you will. The ego only says that because IT will. Sadness is an act of surrender, and what I know for myself is how much there is to be learned there. Why are you sad, Marianne? I’m sad because of what I have lost. And why did you lose it, Marianne? And that’s where the painful, even excruciating, illumination comes in. In “A Course in Miracles” it says that whenever you have deflected a miracle, it is “held in trust for you by the Holy Spirit until you are ready to receive it.” That is so unbelievably powerful to me. It means that when I have learned the lesson, when I have really made the change within myself, then the situation will come back to me and I will have a chance to get it right. It won’t necessarily come back in the same form, of course, but we will recognize it as the same lesson. For that’s all that life is: a series of lessons constantly rehearsed until we get it right.

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