March 23, 2020

Trump said we need to bail out big companies because otherwise it will be too hard for them to start up again later. No. Our approach should be the opposite. We should be bailing out individuals, not big companies. Now more than ever we need bottom up, not trickle down economics. Remember the part in the Titanic when upper class passengers locked the doors so lower class passengers couldn’t make it out and only rich people had a chance to survive? The point of America is for things to not be that way. The idea that part of a bailout plan would be helping the already multi-billion dollar oil and gas industry before we’d help health care workers is morally obscene. It’s like saying, “In response to this crisis, let us give more money to those who are creating the next one.” Meanwhile, European countries like Denmark & Germany are having a much more sophisticated, enlightened economic conversation than we. We’re led by political dinosaurs trying to figure out how best to shore up capitalism-as-usual, when what we need is the will & imagination to reinvent it. We need a human rather than market-based economic model. We need to shift from financial transaction to humanitarian concern. We need a massive organization of free food delivery trucks moving into neighborhoods where people will be running out of food, and soon. Our politics is reactive when it needs to be responsive. We have tens of millions of hungry people in America, but as bad as it is it’s at a level the system can absorb. If we start seeing exponentially larger number of hungry people, chaos will break out on a whole new level. Healthy people as well as sick people need help surviving this. A main weakness of our politics is that it underestimates psychological and emotional realities. In fact those elements are massively significant. If we don’t provide huge financial relief to average citizens then we could end up dealing with mass hysteria unable to contain. Our current model of doing business cannot adequately solve this crisis. We won’t be able to save our economy or our society unless we’re willing to change our minds. In religion AND in politics: put love first, or all hell will break loose

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