March 22, 2020

Millions of people all over the world today will be gathering at 4pm GMT (noon in NYC, 5pm in Rome) to pray for a miracle. There’s nothing to sign up for or to prepare for. Simply close your eyes and move into a silent space within your heart. I’m not going to be live streaming or anything like that because we shouldn’t be concentrating on an outer image, we should be concentrating on the light that we can only see when our eyes are closed. And there are no “right words” with which to pray. We’re praying for a miracle. Regardless of your religious or spiritual tradition, or lack of one, something will happen in your own heart that will be perfect. It might be subtle and it might be dramatic, but it will happen. Perhaps you’ll remain at the inner altar for more than two minutes; I’m sure many will, including myself. I will remain for twenty. Dear God,
At this moment of our fear and
anguish, come upon the body of
humanity be filled with light
May the mind of humanity be filled with love.
May every cell of both body and consciousness
be flooded with the divine.
May those who are sick be healed.
May those who fear and grieve and panic
be comforted.
And may all humanity be purified
of the selfishness, greed and irresponsibility
That in so many ways led to this.
Bless the doctors, nurses,
scientists, grocers, sanitation workers, political leaders,
and all those who are working so hard
To save us.
Please work a miracle
in our minds and hearts
And take the virus from our midst.

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