Love Letter to the People of Hawaii

May 18, 2018

Dear People of Hawaii,

I know it must be frightening to live in Hawaii right now. I think of you constantly looking at the sky, checking the Internet for environmental updates, talking anxiously to friends and loved ones, telling tales and comforting your children.

I hope you realize how many of us, many miles away from you, are thinking of you as you do .

So many forces are coming up to the surface from the bottom of things, life shaking at its core, exploding with the fierce intentionality of nature. I know many of you realize Hawaii is taking a hit for all of us.

Why Hawaii? I think because Hawaii can take it.

Unknown perhaps by the media and unnoticed perhaps by many, I have no doubt how many Hawaiians are treating this occasion with reverence, weaving around it an invisible, sacred container. Honoring the Mother, respecting her as she screams, feeling the deep and archetypal messages that erupt from the soul of humanity as they erupt from the center of the earth.

Beyond the level of material science, so many ancient powers are being summoned now: through dance, through song, through prayers, through ceremony, through individual and group meditations. I see the Islands of Hawaii surrounded by extraordinary powers both unleashed and summoned by the volcanic eruptions. And every soul either native to Hawaii, or called to Hawaii, is feeling the multi-dimensional forces at work as the earth transforms itself and humanity is carried up in its thrall.

Hawaii, they say, is the heart chakra of the earth. Hers is the heartbeat not only of earth’s Mother but of all her children. She is speaking, and those with ears to hear are listening.

Dear Hawaiian brothers and sisters, those of you holding the space for the earth to do what the earth needs to do — through prayers and ritual and love — please know how many of us know that you are doing it for all of us. And we thank you.

We stand in attention and we bear witness, as you endure and navigate this stupendous hour. We know how much more is going on than is visible on our TV screens.

We salute you.
We pray for you.
We love you.
We are with you.
Carry us in your hearts with us,
as we are carrying you in ours.

May God walk with you.
May He bless you and protect you
And the earth on which you live.


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