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Living the Principles of A Course in Miracles


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Dear Friends,

Given the stress and anxiety so present in the world today, the cultivation of inner peace matters. Without it, we find ourselves at the effect of all the craziness out there today. But with it, we rise above the turbulent waters of life, navigate them effectively, and even become capable of transforming them. That is what it means to be a miracle-worker.

Living through these times without a spiritual foundation can be very hard; but living through them with a spiritual foundation delivers us from fear to love, victim to victor, and pain to peace.

The practical application of the principles of A Course in Miracles makes all the difference in my ability to rise above the stress points in myself and in the world.

I present these principles in a very simple way in a new online course — HOW TO BE A MIRACLE WORKER: Living the Principles of A Course in Miracles for those who are seeking a stronger spiritual foundation and miracle-minded existence.

To introduce these miracle-minded concepts, I am holding a Free Online Preview Call on Wednesday, Oct. 4:

Living the Principles of A Course in Miracles
Free Online Preview Call
Wednesday, October 4 at 6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern

On this live call, I will discuss key concepts in “How To Work Miracles”, taking select questions from listeners, and explaining the upcoming course for those who want to go deeper with the material.

Whether you’re a student of A Course in Miracles or someone who hasn’t really delved in yet: if you want guidance on how to live the principles of the Course, maintain a strong spiritual foundation and experience miracles — capable of transforming not only your own life but the world around you — this course applies to your journey.

Join my upcoming Live Call at no charge.

Everyone who registers for the Free Live Event, will also receive the audio recording afterward.

I hope you can join me.

All my best,


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