The Heart Just Wants to Go Home

December 28, 2017

The problem with the world is that we’ve lost our sense of reverence — for life, for love, for the earth, for each other, for our families, for God’s universe. We’ve lost a sense of responsibility to anything other than to ourselves, acting too often as though there’s no higher good to strive for than the satisfaction of our own desires. A consumer-driven culture exalts the idea that we can have whatever it is we want, yet that very idea seems to push farther and farther away those things that are what we really want. For what we really want, whether we know it or not, is to love and be loved. Not just to get, but to connect. Not just to participate in our own individual dramas, but to be part of a larger cause, a larger mission, a larger life than just our own.

It’s hard to push against the prevailing winds of self-centeredness today because they usually pose as something other than what they are. But somehow we’ve got to realign ourselves, and realign our culture, with the simple things that make life worth living. Too much speed, too much technology are robbing us of our life force. We have got to head back home, or we will be lost in the forrest of this suddenly all too complicated world. There is more wisdom in the silence than in the chatter, and more hope in the heart than in externalities. The mind wants this or that, but the heart just wants to go home…

  • T Man

    So Marianne, do you revere Republicans? Or just Democrats? I’m sorry, but many Self-Helpers like you talk a good game amongst your own people……I never see any of you extending an olive branch to people who DISAGREE with your political viewpoints. All talk. Your Left-Wing echo chamber is very comfortable?

  • Diana Brooks

    This is what my poetry is about

  • Judith A Mills

    When one knows that longing,it can no longer be ignored.Nothing can replace connecting with the Divine.And the journey of real meaning is most important.

  • Judith A Mills

    Why is this comment here?Doesn’t pertain to blog,or heart,just ego.

  • David Zachary

    T Man all I hear is an attack and judgement. I cannot speak for Marianne but I know that I value all people regardless of political views. What I will not condone is onesided self-interest that refuses to recognize the care and needs of other children of God. Love and Christ don’t have a political affiliation.

  • Joanne Morrison

    hearts can want…that is not apredictor of the american collectives reactive pulse these days..americans are divided and we have a country inside of a country silenced by the social norms of igarchial wealth and status …itll cease to be a separate when and only if the Vouces are heard and responded to in a demicratic enforcement of the laws of this land in equity ..Until then…tbe ABYSS of Dark Divide is what remains..And everyone is k owing but no one acts; everyone is hesting but no one listens; too many have turn their backs for too long …

  • Kelly Casey

    Glad you said”many” and not all. It’s easier to have a discussion if attacks are in check.

  • Kelly Casey

    It’s here to be healed. To understand, work with.

  • Melinda Young

    We are ALL one! “The earth is but one country and mankind it’s citizens.” Until we realize this we will be divided.

  • T Man

    That’s my whole point. I see Left Wing celebrities like Marianne always attacking Republicans and people who don’t vote like her, but she claims to be a person of love and tolerance? Why is it o.k. to attack Republicans and then call yourself a tolerant liberal? It’s hypocrisy at its most high. It’s a shame because I love reading some books by authors like Marianne, but I wish they would practice what they preach and get out of their echo chamber to find common ground with people holding differing political viewpoints. True Love is reaching out beyond your echo chamber of friends and listening to someone you don’t normally associate with…..This tribalism amongst so-called “progressive” types is dangerous and it’s balkanizing our country and world. I have many friends who don’t vote like I do….Do you?

  • T Man

    Thank You Kelly…..

  • Alizah Anne Kaite

    Many years ago, you helped me to connect, revere, and see beyond it all. Once changed in this way, a person can never go back. There are so many of us who are with you and we are doing the work. Much love to you.

  • David Zachary

    You say “always attacking” although I don’t see an attack in this post. It seems to be advocating for a return to civility and connection through our shared humanity. Yes, I do have friends and family that hold different political sensibilities. I find that these people I can have ,on the most part, reasonable conversations. Finding common ground, based on care and concern, is possible with individual relationships. Government and institutions don’t necessarily respond or care about the common good or the collective well-being. They must be reminded. The angriest, most hateful voices tend to be the loudest often drowning more constructive or harmonious insights. So regarding this post, coming home to the heart will always support loving thy neighbor. When the actions of the few are creating extreme disparity in our society for the majority, we need to check ourselves on our own bias and reflect on the world we would like to live. This invariably calls for action to get centered and separate the essential from the non-essential. Personally this means that I am, more often than not, compelled to do something to make sure that compassion and love for my sisters and brothers becomes a priority not collateral damage.

  • Linda Whiting

    I would say the same….your work has changed me as well….and I am so grateful. Alizah I am replying to your words as they mirror my heart.
    Thank you…and love to you

  • Lynda Ashley

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d288271ed73e43ae19668b8f809033fd3cf5612d49aa40082383e00676787f5d.png T Man, this isn’t about politics this is about humanity and spiritual connection with EVERYONE. For you to reference love with politics means your view of the world is about power. Here is the definition of politics:

  • Hildur Pals

    Your words speak to my soul, your thoughts resonate with my soul…now on topic Presidency…You have my Vote! …first I’ll have to get the right to vote, but then..

  • Bensimon Laurence

    I feel blessed to belong to the generation which gave birth to a soul like you, passionately in love with the God of Truth. And it’s a blessing that He gave you a woman’s body. No man would have dared to use the romantic language that your love story with truth inspires you.
    I have often wondered whether I was really interested to hear God’s voice, speaking directly to me, and then when I read « our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our
    deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure » I knew the answer : NO DEFIINITELY.
    If God should speak to me, I will have to stop searching Him, I will have to stop searching anything else….and stop the magic and delight of reading you!
    Dear God, please listen to me, but never speak TO me. speak THROUGH me, and in case I am inadequate, may I keep hearing You when you speak through Marianne Williamson.
    I could listen to her for ever.
    And so it is.

  • Carolyn Staub

    I love this. thank you Marianne! So grateful for you on this planet!

  • Madeline Cutting

    To love does not mean to always agree with. They are two different things, but they can exist simultaneously. You can love someone who differs greatly politically, while disagreeing. But then, how would you know how much you really disagree unless you engage in a conversation? You may have more in common than you know…

  • Ann Rustici

    Thank you for such a wonderful compliment to Marianne Williamson. She has changed my whole outlook on my life now and to come. Her books are easily read and magnificent. Amen

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