Meditations for Miraculous Living

Start and finish your day with beautiful peaceful meditations. These wonderful meditations will open you to higher light and greater wisdom through the guidance of Marianne. The meditations can be used every day for going deeper into the conscious space of God. Renew your life through living mindful, balanced and present to Love.

Claiming Your Greatness
Letting go of darkness for light. Living your holy self.
This meditation will keep you in a foundation of peace while releasing the places that hold dark. Giving you the power for claiming your greatness and light.





Opening to Love
Emptying the mind for creating a miraculous life.
Giving our lives to God by emptying our past for living Love. Being released to a new future by giving everything to the divine light





The Sacred Mind
Allowing the power of God to live in you.
Releasing the burden of the false self for living in a sacred light. Live deeper in Love, miracles, and happiness by living more in Heaven.

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