Candidate Spotlight: Adam Christensen

Our Candidate Spotlight this week is on Adam Christensen, running in the Democratic Congressional Primary in Florida on August 18th. 

Adam Christensen is a business owner and looking to fill the vacant Congressional seat in Florida’s 3rd District. As a Mid-western native and former Republican from deeply red states, Adam first saw the devastation caused by the opioid crisis, ever-increasing drug costs, and the housing crisis. 

He couldn’t sit idly by and watch Central Florida’s communities experience the same issues. As a Gainesville resident and progressive Democrat, Adam has become a champion of the working class and an advocate for criminal justice reform, including ending the predatory cash bail and private prison industries. He fervently believes that in a just and moral society, systems preying on the poor should not exist, and he will fight in Congress to dismantle them. He wants a world where everyone is respected and can thrive financially.

Voting Adam Christensen into office will protect our most vulnerable populations and ensure that justice, respect, and fairness take precedence over corporate greed. Please donate to the Adam Christensen For Congress campaign, and let’s make sure his progressive voice is heard on Primary Day on August 18th! 

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