God doesn’t love one person more than He loves another, or one nation more than He loves another. It is true that we have been a blessed nation, but only because our national creed has been a blessing on the world. The moment our blessing on others stops, so will our experience of being blessed.

America is on a very perilous course politically because we are on a perilous course spiritually. We are acting as though by some divine right Americans matter more than others do; that while putting ourselves first is clearly considered selfishness in the life of an individual, for some reason it should now be considered virtuous in the life of a nation; that building walls to divide us is somehow more righteous than the work of tearing them down.

I understand how important it is to protect American workers, and I support any changes in policy that do that. But a ban on Muslims, a ban on refugees, a wall against Mexicans, the demonization of the press….where does all this meanness come from? And by what reasoning do we think that any of this will bode us well? The Biblical injunction that “God shall not be mocked” means He ISN’T. And karma simply is.

We are proactively causing unnecessary human suffering when our spiritual mission is to ameliorate such suffering. Innocent men, women and children are in pain and despair right now, as we speak, their lives thrown into chaos because of policies that do not reflect the higher mind or moral conscience of the American people. These are policies that reflect the workings of an unstable mind, not the convictions of a courageous heart.

May God help those whose lives have been cast into unnecessary chaos today. May all of us help Him help them.

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