Dear Friends,

I started teaching the principles of A Course in Miracles over thirty years ago, have published twelve books, and today give talks and seminars around the world. Many people have asked for ways to more easily access audios of my weekly lectures.

If you would like to receive a recording once a week of one of my lectures, you can join my Bronze subscription program here.

If you would like to enjoy the audio recordings of any of my lectures individually, you can now do so for $9.95 each.

I hope this material is of use to you on your spiritual journey. I’m glad to have the opportunity to share these offerings.

All my best,

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These individual audios do not contain the audience Q&A which follows the live lectures. For audio downloads that include the Q&A, please see our subscription options

  • Garyklara

    Absolutely so true – thankyou Marianne!!!!

  • Pat Nicholson

    Just read this! I always vote. I felt a bit ridiculous when I went to vote in the NY Primary at my local polling place and was informed that I could not vote as a registered Independent and citizen of the United States! This political system has regressed to a pre – founding fathers perspective, and the U.S. has become a dangerous place to live again.
    Though I recognize that no-ONE in the world is “safe” literally. It’s disconcerting on a daily basis.

  • MyBoy Henry

    The two parties are not public institutions. You have no right to vote in a primary. Neither party is required to hold a primary. If you want to run for public office, you really should understand the system, instead of complaining about it. I sincerely hope you don’t bring up the popular vote. That would really show ignorance of the founding documents.

  • Tonicmom

    This is amazing!! I still have many cassettes from way back! Haha 😂😂 Thank you Marianne for everything! Glad to now have this up to date access . You’ve helped me so very much!

  • Gwen Gunter

    Love that these are available but sure wish they included the audience Q&A – so much more is taught there. Know they are available with the subscription but it would be great if they could be included here as well.

  • Cassie Nicholson

    Made my first purchase on the site after many weeks of streaming the weekly talks. Just bought one of these audio lectures (from 2017) and received the email receipt. Cannot figure out how to acces the audio file however. Any guidance?

  • Tech Support

    Dear Cassie,
    If you have not already received access. Please write and we will help you.

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