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Lectures from 2008:

Accepting People

Agape Service

Agape Service 11am

A Mistake Is Not A Sin

Inspired Success

Real Liberation

Receiving Healing

Allowing For Your Changes

Freedom in Romance

Miracles On 8th Avenue Canada

Surrender to God

Total Surrender

Agape Lecture

Life At Our Center

Mystical Power

Our Work World

Return to Father

Teleclass March

Faith In God

Houston Unity Church Lecture Part 1

Houston Unity Church Lecture Part 2

Spiritual Victory

Celebrate Your Life

Faith, Creation, Life, and Abundance Part 1

Faith, Creation, Life, and Abundance Part 2

America’s Birthday Part 1

America’s Birthday Part 2

Evolving Wings

I Can Do It Las Vegas Part 1

I Can Do It Las Vegas Part 2

I Can Do It Tampa

I Can Do It Toronto

Praise and Thanksgiving

Balancing Masculine Feminine Part 1

Balancing Masculine Feminine Part 2

Serving The World

The Source of Peace

Attitudinal Alchemy

Beyond The Dramas Of The World

Harvard Medical School Lecture

Imagine A World At Peace

KOTO Radio Interview

Release In Relationships

Self Forgiveness

Being Yourself

Committed Relationships

Deserve Abundance

God Is Here

Seattle Unity Lecture Part 1

Seattle Unity Lecture Part 2

Teleconference October

New Vision Spiritual Growth 9AM

New Vision Spiritual Growth

Quantum Easter

Miss The Mark

Season of Hope

Season of Miracles

What To Do Now


Emotional Imprisonment

Praying for Changes

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