Audio Download FAQ’s

We hope you enjoy your new audio. If for any reason you have trouble downloading please see below.

ZIP File Downloading Onto Your Computer:
1) Click the link that says, “Click here to download your audio”
2) The ZIP file will begin downloading immediately into the download folder on your computer or the folder you have allocated for downloads. The file name is the name of the audio you are purchasing.
3) Locate the ZIP file, double click it and the MP3 will appear.

MP3 Downloading Directly To Your Computer:
1) Click the link that says, “Click here to play your audio online”
2) Once on the page right click anywhere on the page and choose “Save As” and save the MP3 directly to your desktop. It will automatically download. (Please take note of the folder you save the MP3 in. We recommend saving to your Desktop if you have this option so it’s easy to find.)

IPHONES AND IPADS (iPhone’s are unable to have direct downloads unless using a third party app. You can sync your iPhone to a computer that has the audio and transfer it to your iPhone)

MP3 Audio Downloading Directly To Your iPad: (Make sure you have an app that accepts & plays MP3’s)
1) Click the link that says, “Click here to play your audio online”
2) Tap your finger on the link and hold if you have an app your device should show which options to download the MP3 in.

iPhone, Android and iPad Alternatives
If you’re unable to download directly to your iPhone or iPad, simply download the ZIP file to your computer, double click the file to show the MP3 then transfer/sync the MP3 with a USB cord onto your iPhone or device. More here on transferring content from iTunes on your computer to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch :

Another method for iPhones, Androids and iPads is to install a third party app like iCab mobile: iCab mobile acts as a browser and download manager that will let you download MP3 files and ZIP files directly onto your iPad/iPhone and store them. Additionally, you can play back MP3 files within iCab without an internet connection.


The download didn’t work. What do I do? On occasion, customers may experience challenges downloading. Please make sure you have a strong internet connection. Reboot your device and try again. Refresh the page. Try another browser and see if that complete’s the download or please contact for further assistance.

The download to my device timed out. A wifi download may take several minutes. Please make sure you have a strong internet connection. Check the progress level. If it is still moving, then the download is still underway. If it is not moving please refresh your browser and try again.

How long after purchasing can I access my download? There is no time limit. We ask that you download your order promptly and save it onto your computer for easier access and better safekeeping.

For any other questions or help please contact


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