April 2, 2020

It’s going to take a lot of forgiveness, positivity and compassion for those who do not agree with us, to make the kind of changes when all this is over that most need to be made. The drama on the other side of this is going to be huge. Much has been revealed about how American operates, and it isn’t pretty. We were completely unprepared for a virus that is essentially an attack on our people. Nor did our government function in a way that allowed us to prepare quickly. People are seeing how the current way of doing things in America protects the few at the expense of the many. This is not a reason for violent revolution. That very thought should bring a shudder to anyone. But we do need a moral revolution. In the words of John F Kennedy, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.” We need a revolution in values. We need a blazing cry for justice. We need an embrace of love so great that it extends beyond the personal and heals the entire world.

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