April 1, 2020

Love replaces fear the same way light replaces darkness. In the presence of one the other cannot be. The last thing any of us need to be doing now is watching TV news all day. No need to feed our minds with it. There’s a lot of other stuff to do right now, anyway – checking in on each other, giving our thoughts and feelings room to breathe, and planning for the future. By that I don’t just mean your future; I mean our future. The evolutionary leap this calls for is the one from “it’s-all-about-me”
to “it’s-all-about-us.” Just ask yourself: if we have the money for that bailout, then why didn’t we have the money for every school in America to be a palace of learning and culture and the arts? Why doesn’t everyone have healthcare? Why doesn’t everyone have higher education? Why do so many have to carry those huge college loans? The answer is very simple, very important and profound. The answer is that we’ve been propping up a system that is basically unjust…that serves a few people but at the expense of the many. It stays alive by perpetuating a myth: a myth implying that people who don’t have much, don’t have more because they don’t deserve it. It’s actually the legacy of the shift from Catholicism to Protestantism many centuries ago, Martin Luther having suggested that the poor were poor because they had somehow not found favor in God’s eyes. That pernicious belief, embodied by the early Calvinists so involved in the founding of this nation, is an attitudinal toxin among us even now. The “Love one another” and “Judge not lest ye be judged” part gets undercut but all that, obviously. Which is not to say accountability does not matter. It’s simply to say that our public policies, way too often as not, are essentially heartless. Today is rent day for millions of people who literally do not know what to do now. Who don’t even know for sure how they will eat a week from now. So what is this system that has been propped up at their expense? And should it be, on the other side of this? Should our government be merely a handmaiden to a few? Much to think about now. On the other side of this, the change is gonna come…

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