America’s Historic Mission

December 15, 2017

America has a historic mission, important not only to ourselves but to all the world, relevant not only to this day and age but relevant to the ages. That mission is to stand for hope and possibility for all humanity despite whatever challenges exist.

Over the last 40 years we have forgotten our mission and we have strayed from our purpose. We have been lured into a seductive web of lesser, self-centered goals, as individuals and as a nation. But a most radical blessing bestowed upon humanity is our capacity to change; an activation of heart and mind accompany the willingness to remember. None of us are perfect, as individuals or as nations. But when we have forgotten we can remember, and when we have fallen we can rise back up.

It is time for America to rise now. It is time for America to remember. It is time for America to return to the path of our historic charge, to be a place where dreams can come true not just for some but for all, not simply for the purpose of getting anyone anything but for the purpose of glorifying what is possible on this earth during the time that we are here.

Some of us see this as a charge from God. Some of us see this as an ethical responsibility to our children and our children’s children. Some of us see this as simply a better way to live our lives. From whatever angle we approach the idea, let us return to America’s soulful purpose as a servant to and beacon of human possibility. That alone is the light of democracy, the inextinguishable torch within all our hearts. Let us again become the home of the brave, dedicating our lives to that which we have learned most painfully can never ever be taken for granted: that this be a land of the free.

Whether it be external chains of slavery or economic servitude, or internal chains of narcissism and greed, may all the chains be broken now that would delay our return to a path of greater destiny. It is time now for America to course-correct. We have done it before and now, in our time, we are preparing to do it again. We have fallen but we are going to rise.

  • you have talked about political darkness and spiritual darkness…and the need for something higher than ourselves …. Marianne … I would humbly suggest seeing the love that is in our souls ….a gift from the Creator as the natural love .. romantic love…family love…love for our brothers and sisters around the world ….for all beings … and yet this other love a gift that is higher than ourselves is given to us by asking …from our souls to the great soul of God .. and when received this Love , Divine Love….transforms our souls from the mere image to the very substance of our Creator … the Essence of Love……. but of course you know this and have said it in your beautiful prayers so many times… so I just wanted to share about the 2 loves, natural and Divine. bless you!

  • maybe simply being a good neighbor in the world is more important than any mission

  • Zing Om

    Yes yes yes

  • Nadia Joseph

    Thank you!

  • Earth Heart

    Yes, please just be a good and humble nation. You are young and quite adolescent as a nation, (of course the indigenous Americans are not) Just sort out your own stuff and step back from the biggest stage- with more than half the worlds weapons and military budget dominating the lands and oceans how about sorting your own house out first. Indonesia, Brazil, India, Ethiopia, China, Malaysia, Pakistan, other countries have hundreds of millions of folks – learn the names of their presidents, their cultures, soils and species. America’s films and Hollywood and culture are generally without any sense of subtlety and have spread horrible narratives of limitless violence and power, The enforcement of global free markets on the poor everywhere through dollar supremacy has been murderous times 100. I love your work Marianne but sometimes I just find this America as the great nation stuff a bit unbearable x

  • charles vaden

    In order to form a more perfect union.

  • Heidi Lynn

    Earth Heart,
    Very important and wise words you are adding to the conversation. Thank you.

  • Earth Heart

    Thanks Heidi 🙂

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