Dear God,
Please send Your angels to the city of Paris.
Pour forth Your love upon all her people.
Bless those who suffer and those who died.
Work miracles in Paris, dear God,
and everywhere.

Dear Friends,

With ISIL having claimed responsibility for the attacks, the world has entered into a full state of global crisis. Nothing will ever again be the same for our generation.

The question before us now — as seekers, as global citizens, as lovers of the world — is not just what do we need to do, but who do we need to be in order to do it? We have before us a challenge that only the most evolved civilization can meet effectively, calling each of us to fast, to meditate, to pray, to do whatever it is we need to do to ready ourselves, to purify ourselves, and surrender ourselves fully to the task at hand.

Each of us will be assigned our part, how we ourselves can help uplift the energy and prepare the ground, heal broken hearts and work the miracles that will bring down the Light that disperses darkness. And darkness, in time, will be no more.

To our friends in France, to each other, and for the sake of our grandchildren not yet born, let us send our love and salute the God within us all.

With the bruised heart that all of us feel today, and all the love that flows from it,


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