APRIL 21, 2017

The Viet Nam War did not go well; it was an ill-conceived unmitigated disaster. The Iraq War did not go well; it was an ill-conceived unmitigated disaster. Yet our current administration now talks about North Korea and Iran with the same saber-rattling, delusional bravado with which past administrations led our country into those unnecessary wars and thus thousands of souls to their deaths.

The issue is not whether or not the governments of North Korea and Iran are dishonorable entities; about that, unfortunately, there is little dispute. Yet military action is not some magic pill. The argument that a military solution to our problems dealing with those regimes is even close to a sane conversation is itself insane. Americans must avoid psychological vulnerability to a new set of warmongers now holding the reigns of power.

Ill-conceived US military aggression over the last few decades has brought nothing but death and destruction that continues to this day. Yet phrases now uttered by our President, Vice-President and Secretary of State in relation to both North Korea and Iran echo the same militaristic propaganda. These statements are not just troubling; they are hinting at catastrophic possibilities to come.

George Bush was not kidding when he talked about Iraq, and neither is Donald Trump when he talks about North Korea and Iran.

What are we to do? There is obviously no easy answer at this point, but what we should NOT do is acquiesce to the same falsehoods and misguided thinking that led us into wars in Viet Nam and Iraq. This is not a time to concern ourselves with ultimately meaningless things.

In those two wars, while thousands suffered and died abroad — and continue to, in the case of Iraq — the homeland of the United States remained physically intact. It is deeply naive of Americans to believe we would be so spared the third time. As it says in A Course in Miracles, there is “a limit beyond which we cannot miscreate.” Individually and collectively, you can behave insanely just so many times before reality starts to catch up with you.

Let us atone now, and pray now, that a miracle might emerge from the depth of our humility before God.

Wake up, America. We are on a war path already, and it’s a path to hell.

  • amylouise donnelly

    Hi Marianne

    Some people may think this essay is more reactionary than rational, but the most skilled astrologers I read suggest that the Trump administration is almost certain to go to war sometime before 2020. Bush 43 launched the Iraq II war in 2003, one carefully planned year before his re-election bid in 2004. That would be about the time frame for the Trump administration.

    We can expect this to unfold sometime in 2019, after the mid term elections should the GOP prosper in them, and before Trump or one of his plutocratic surrogates tries to “rescue” the economy they are about to dismantle by trying to win the 2020 election.

    I join with you in sending my prayers to all who will be affected by this foolish, expensive, profoundly dangerous blunder. But first, do what I can to serve the 2018 election well.

    Then on to the election in 2020. If the French can say “non” to this nonsense, so can we.

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