This Awful Night In London

June 3, 2017

On a night like tonight, in addition to sorrow and compassion for the victims, I feel tremendous respect and gratitude for the men and women throughout the world who seek desperately every day to prevent attacks like this. On a night like tonight some of them must feel such dejection. They stop attacks, they prevent disasters, and clearly they succeed a vast majority of the time. But on nights like this, despite their hard work they are defeated in their efforts. We know that if anything they will only step up their efforts. We don’t know who they are and we will never know their names, their locations, or their undercover efforts. But we can bless them still and send to them our thanks.

  • Susan Richey

    Sent this to NY Times but didn’t get published. Maybe it’ll relieve some pain.
    It did for me:

    The news has become too much. But is it right to turn away and stop reading and viewing? These are troubled times and we are all troubled. We live in a world of wars, refugees, political scandals, terrorist attacks, planet destruction, accusations and denials, secrecy and lies. Just look at the new vocabulary we’ve learned over the past week: body slamming, finger swatting, white knuckle diplomacy, back channel, climate deal, war room, healthcare uninsured ranks, budget miscount, Manchester Bomber, the very richest 0.1 percent — need I go on? And, after this Memorial Day weekend, we can surely expect more disturbing news for weeks to come.

    I would like to suggest, starting this Memorial Day weekend, we pray also for ourselves — as well as our fallen dead. And that we continue to pray for ourselves, all our dead loved ones, the continuation of our highest values, and the welfare of the whole world on a daily basis. Let us call on God to stand with us now as we suffer constant crisis. May we rise to meet each new day’s
    news with some hope and rest at night with fewer troubling thoughts, while stopping throughout the day to recognize our fears and praying to put them aside. Let us pray always for a return to sanity and love.

    Our Prayer in Troubled Times

    Dear God, please guide us now. Teach us to face uncertainty with love for all beings.
    Encourage us to speak when we know truth and keep silent when overcome by fear.
    Help us stay active and focused on our responsibilities, while alert to the needs of others, always recognizing their potential for goodness, be they political leader, terrorist,
    immigrant or neighbor.
    Calm us, quiet our minds, and stand forever as a lighthouse beacon — to lead us like lost ships into the welcome harbor of your love.

  • PaulnAnita Daan

    lovely. Namaste

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