The New York Primary

April 19, 2016

If New Yorkers didn’t declare that they were Democrats or Republicans by October 9, they were not allowed to vote in yesterday’s primary. 27% of all eligible voters in the state were not allowed to cast their ballots because they are Independents. This process is so rigged, and the people of the United States can see it. It serves us to remember that political parties are not even mentioned in the founding documents of our country,and George Washington actually warned us about them in his farewell address. His predictions regarding the potential of political parties to negatively influence our democracy have come to pass.

In effect, the two major political parties now write the rules for our democracy. And no one gets to overrule them. This cannot and will not lead to anything good, because 47% of eligible voters now consider themselves Independent.

It has all become little more than theater, I’m afraid — produced by a shadowy elite for the entertainment more than the actual empowerment of the electorate. This is a sad and trying time for those who love democracy, and who fear for what will happen in this country if we continue to degrade it. All I know for sure is that we should not look away. We should not distract ourselves or divert our eyes. We should not pretend that if we disengage, the problem will take care of itself. It will not. But as we continue to recognize what’s happening, and hold in our hearts the vision of possibility that is still yet the essence of America, then answers will come. We will reclaim democracy for the people it was intended to serve — and that means all of us, not just some.