This Week’s ACIM Talk Topic: The Birth of Holiness

Make the Holidays Holy

Our holiness means our whole mind; it is our mind when it is aligned with its oneness with God. That alignment, which is pure unconditional love, is a field of consciousness from which miracles emerge naturally.

Obviously the world we live in is not an unalloyed expression of love, but rather too often a reflection of our having separated ourselves from it. Our return to the Love that is the Source of our true being is the journey that both heals the minds and redeems our lives on earth.

This season let us claim the holiness that is the spiritual essence of the holidays. Let’s reject the illusions of separation that deflect the miracles available to us. The miracles of the season are not metaphor but actual alchemical realities, available to all of us when we are willing to embody the love in our hearts.

Such is meaning of Christmas, the celebration of the birth of Christ into the world. Join me this Tuesday and next as we seek to deepen our experience of the holiday season.