Healthcare As A Moral Issue

MAY 4, 2017
Grown men are gloating over their success today at starting to strip millions of people of their health care. This is what happens when conscience means nothing and the marketplace means everything. What a nation of idolators we’ve become, bowing down at the altar of the free market as though it matters more than the health of our children, the health of our earth, or the health of our own souls. This is not just a political issue, it is a moral issue.

Each of us with health insurance might want to take a moment to acknowledge the pain today of those who are fearing that they and their children might lose theirs. And most of all, let us not look away; let’s not be tempted to ignore the travesty of governmental policies so dedicated to the short term economic needs of business that the long-term needs of our fellow citizens and the earth on which we live are given increasingly, menacingly and dangerously short shrift.

Quite the opposite… let this be a day of motivation and inspiration. In the mid-term elections of November 2018, when a great electoral tsunami turns back the tide of institutionalized selfishness now becoming the order of the day, let it be clear to everyone that this was the day that clinched the turning, when millions of people said “Enough is enough.”

In retrospect, let us look back on this day and know it was the day when things began to change. When enough of us woke up. When enough of us internally rose to the occasion and knew that for the next two years at least, we would take our place in the tapestry of American history and together reclaim for our nation the truth and integrity of its soul.

  • Kiyana M. Williams

    How can we verbalize, emphasize, and make massively public, the spiritual and mental elevation that culminates at the intersection of art, nature, and science? As a Ceramicist, there is something that must be said about understanding clay (Earth/Nature), sculpting, glazing, and firing, the chemical processes that take place in the completion of ceramics, as well as the mental and physical therapeutic benefits of clay-making.

  • Jim Anderson

    Having insurance is not the same as having healthcare. I have friends with Bronze plans that cannot use them because the co-pays and deductibles are so high. There has to be a better way than the disastrous plan that Obamacare is. Remember, Obamacare stripped millions of people from company provided healthcare onto the ACA exchanges. Much of that insurance is now priced so high that folks can’t afford it. A huge number lost their Physicians because the doctors could not afford to operate at those reimbursement rates. In exchange for support, Obamacare allowed the Pharmaceutical companies to continue to gouge the american public. They continue to sell overseas and in Canada at substantially lower prices than here. Let us pray that Congress can get it right this time.

  • Ive been very happy with my “Obama” care. My cost re very reasonable and I would not have insurance without it.

  • You are such an important voice to this conversation – thank you for all you do

  • Dr Trish

    Thank you so much all that you do. Reaching into the arenas of politics and social justice, with your wisdom and your words, gives me hope. I’m a physician who’s also been a patient, many times over. Your thoughts on health care as a moral issue inspired me to share more of mine….

    Even though I’m not a fan of Obamacare, I’m a fan of Barack. He wrote:“Health care has always been about something bigger than politics: it’s about the character of our country.”

    The Constitution of these United States, as it tells us in its Preamble, intends to “form a more perfect Union,’ to “insure domestic Tranquility,” to “promote general Welfare” and to “secure the Blessings of Liberty….” Sounds like a good mission statement for a country with character. Perhaps even a democratic one.

    But in a country with character, a truly democratic one, access to healthcare must be accessible to all, irrespective of economic or health status.

    As a physician, I was taught to “First, do no harm.” There is harm done with silence. There is harm done in standing by, doing nothing. There will be harm done if we don’t act to reject the egregious attempts to “reform” our health care system by the current Administration.

    But even more harm will be done if we don’t address the root cause of our diseased system and the fundamental flaw of health care financing in this country: the existence of a for-profit system that benefits from sickness.

    The only long term cure for our ailing system will be the complete elimination of the insurance company model and the establishment of government-funded system for all, irrespective of economic or health status.

    Until companies stop profiting from sickness, we will be continue to be a country without character, led by a chronically diseased Administration.

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