May 11, 2017

We are in the midst of a full on assault on American democracy the likes of which we have never seen. It is multi-dimensional, across the board, and deeply dangerous. I’m not saying what we should do about it; I’m simply saying what I think we should all understand.

Hitler said the only thing that could have stopped the Nazis is if powerful reaction against them had occurred early, swiftly, and hard. At this point, all of us need to do whatever we can do on any given day. If there is a meeting, attend it. If there is a hearing, watch it. If there is an article, read it. If there is something to post, post it. If there is a march, march in it. If there is something to say, say it.

Pace yourself, obviously, but see this as the crisis that it is and act accordingly. The future continuance of freedoms that all of us just take for granted are at stake. Our generation did not expect to ever have this kind of rendezvous with destiny, but we do. And we can handle it, as long as we remain awake.

All hands on deck, and NOW.

God bless us, God bless America, and God bless the world.

  • Diane Marks-Bestor

    My mother’s immigrant family fled the tyranny of the Russians. They never took for granted the freedom they found here. I learned this valuable lesson from my grandmother as I grew up in the turmoil of the 60s and 70s. Even as I watched Watergate unfold, I never doubted for one minute that our democracy wasn’t strong enough to withstand that assault on democracy.

    You are right about each one of us stepping up to do our part everyday in whatever way we can. This is a dangerous time, but if my 15 year old grandmother could cross the Atlantic in December…with her four month old baby…I can face what is ahead.

    Courage is earned through facing whatever is ahead and knowing that the only way is through it.

  • amylouise donnelly

    Hi (again) Marianne

    When I saw the current admin’s approach to transitioning into office, I knew I would be witnessing “an outrage a day” for the next four years. In the beginning, these outrages affected me deeply. I couldn’t sleep, or eat with comfort, I didn’t know who to trust or to blame for what had happened, and I suffered terrible fears for the future of our nation and the world.

    Since then, I have spent every week watching your livestream and the recordings of the Sister Giant Conference. These experiences have restored me to sanity, though my personal sanity alone is not enough to address the threat we are facing right now.

    I so appreciate that you continue to speak truth to the current abuses of power, and do so in the context fo ACIM. The combination has allowed me to see the men who are causing this threat as profoundly afraid and deluded. I don’t pretend that I can directly influence them with my prayers, but by sending them light and forgiveness, I have been able to lessen my fears, and build strength for the personal and political struggles I must embrace in the future.

    I am no stranger to poverty, hardship or struggle. If I meet more of it in the future, I will have tools to deal with it, though it was easier for me to face and deal with hardship when I was young and I had the stamina to meet it head on.

    Still, I remain faithful in an abundant and sane Creation. Your lectures remind me every week that there is a limit to the ability of any of us to mis-create. Eventually, God or a correction steps in. Sometimes God takes the form of an awakened human heart… sometimes a correction takes the form of an awakened people saying:

    “Oh no you don’t!” or “No more!” to these multiple mis-creations.

    The long arc of the universe may bend toward justice, but it may also be necessary for a lot of regular people like me and you to put their hands on that arc and do the bending themselves.

    So – agreed. Not the time for philosophy alone, but….

    Prayer, silence and a proper philosophy can be very useful.
    Thank you for leading all of us toward these precious gifts on a regular basis.

    I deeply appreciate you for devoting your life to this work.

  • Nicolae

    We are all ONE…LOVE!
    Keep loving!

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